DIY & Life Skills

DIY & Life Skills classes include:

  • COOKING 101

Many of the skills taught will include:

  • Use basic kitchen appliances
  • How long to boil an egg
  • Bake a chicken/turkey
  • Kitchen math and measurements
  • Different knives are used for
  • Set a proper table
  • Pass food to the right or left
  • Best way to chop an onion
  • Stock basics in pantry
  • Wash/Dry clothes
  • Determine which clothes to take to the dry cleaners
  • Get out every stain in your clothes
  • Bandage a burn or let it have air
  • Emergency poison preparedness
  • Interested in a possible nursing career
  • First aid for the home
  • Learn CPR
  • Wrap a broken toe
  • Have personal medical information handy
  • Sew anything
  • Make your own patterns/ design your own clothes
  • Sew on a button
  • Hand stitch
  • Do alterations for perfect fit
  • Thread a sewing machine
  • Read a map
  • Fill up a car with gas
  • Change a tire
  • Change your oil
  • Survive a natural disaster
  • Put out a gas fire
  • Check all fluids in your car
  • Escape from a car under water
  • How to conserve fuel if you’re driving and about to run out

Imagine yourself making you tube videos as you learn!  These classes are fun, will save you time and money… and who knows…something you learn just might save your life!

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