Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness classes offered include:


Skills that will be taught include:

  • Lower cholesterol by eating cleaner foods
  • Sleep better all through the night
  • Feel energetic and positive every day
  • Learn the difference in all the different protein powders on the market
  • The science behind “Eating according to your blood type”.
  • Be accountable to others for your health by joining a monthly support group
  • Look and feel younger in just 30 days
  • Start exercise routine
  • Learn Karate/Self-defense
  • How to stop a purse thief
  • Awareness of your surroundings
  • Learn the discipline of boxing
  • Read books that build self-continence
  • Be the captain of your own destiny
  • Be coachable and listen to a life coach
  • Grow your body, mind and spirit
  • Be yourself…only better
  • Jump rope the right way
  • Run a 5K race
  • Be the strongest you’ve ever been
  • Learn what vitamin supplements are actually doing in your body
  • What soap to avoid using on your body
  • How much water is good to drink
  • Fitness can be fun
  • Make smoothies that taste delicious
  • Build healthy relationships with teachers, classmates and coaches who are committed to supporting you for LIFE!
  • Find your passion for helping others
  • Get rewarded for doing good in the community
  • Learn what you can do to bless somebody…even a stranger on the street

Let us motivate, inspire and educate you and your whole family toward better HEALTH and WELLNESS!  

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